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As a small business owner, I can honestly say there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my work.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, and I love being ‘in service’ to my clients, but oftentimes I ponder the long term strategy while I plug away at the everyday.

It is with this thought that I reflect on the great many conversations that I have been fortunate to have with some very successful entrepreneurs.  The advice is always the same, “Tash, you make your money, and then you buy property with it”, said Paul who built a $100 million dollar business in 10 years.

“Natasha, buying property is the only way people like you and I can realize true wealth”, said one of Australia’s most successful Mortgage Brokers.

“Joel is a billionaire, and you know what he does?  Property.  They all do!” Said by business partner Sarah Miller.

Sure, I like property, but I’m not going to be single minded about it.  I also believe in investing in myself and my business.  After all, I have more influence over my business than I do over the property market, don’t I?  So what is the conservative answer? What should we do as we each chip away at the mammoth stone that we will carve our own financial David’s from?

A very dear friend of mine once told me this gem: “WEALTH IS A HABIT”.  So that being said, a small investment every week towards a greater goal will be the slow and steady that wins the race.  The power of this cannot be understated.  If you buy the same share every month for an extended period of time, you will always get the best price on the share – why, because the value of the share price peaks and troughs and if you extend the average out long enough, you will get the best buy price.  The same can be said for taking a variable rate on your home or business loans too – of course the best way to get the best rate on your loans is to pay them down.

So, in doing this, maybe the prize for being consistently habitual is an investment property or five, maybe it’s a handsome managed share portfolio that yeilds a dividend to retire on or perhaps a great collection of Birkin handbags to sell off every year.  I don’t have to make that decision today.  I just need to make the decision to create a new habit – so I’ve been to the fruit shop for my lunch today and have popped the extra $10 that I would have spent into a jar.  We’ll see what comes of this…

Tash Hibberd, Mortgage Broker, Leverage Princess